Indoor Activities for You and Your Dog

Written by: Lindsay Giguiere



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When it’s too hot or too cold outside, or raining cats and well...of course dogs, there’s still plenty of fun to be had inside with your pet. We’ve all gotten pretty used to being homebodies due to the former pandemic. While we’re so over the virus, we will never be overspending time with our furry besties. In the midst of scorching heat, bone-chilling cold, or a torrential downpour, indoor activities with your beloved pet await!

Here are some ideas, and indoor activities, that will stimulate and entertain you and your dog while chillin’ in the house.

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Indoor activities #1 Disappearing Blanket Trick

If you’ve seen these videos on social media, they’re pretty funny. The dogs’ reactions to their owners completely disappearing is priceless and very amusing for all.

Here’s how it works:

Get a large enough blanket or bed sheet to cover your entire body.

Stand in a doorway with the blanket/sheet over your body, showing your face to your dog.

Talk to your dog and get it excited to see what’s coming next.

Lift the blanket/sheet to cover your face leaving your dog wondering where you went.

Lower the blanket/sheet once or twice and let your dog see you.

Lift the blanket above your face again and quickly move out of your dog’s site to the next room or out of the door frame while dropping it.

Your dog will be dumbfounded and start looking for you.

Shortly after, reappear and reassure your pet you’re still there.

Record the game so you can see your dog’s priceless reactions. 

Indoor activities #2 Tag

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This game never gets old. It’s a great indoor exercise for everyone and leaves tired dogs and family members.

Here’s how it works:

Gently pat your dog and say, “Tag, you’re it”.

Start running so your dog will follow you.

This works very well around a kitchen island or a place that you can run in circles, such as a couch or coffee table.

Stop in mid-run and switch directions.

Let your dog eventually catch you and enjoy the licks and the excitement that follows.

This method should end with lots of cuddles.

Indoor activities #3 Teach a New Skill

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A dog is never too old to learn a new trick, despite what the well-known saying says. This is a great indoor activity that teaches patience and is rewarding to both dog and owner, especially children.

Here’s how it works:

Make sure you have a lot of little healthy biscuits.

If your dog is a puppy, you can even use kibble as biscuits.

Choose something simple, yet impressive, like a high five, assuming your dog already knows the basic commands like, “sit” and “down.” 

If not, teach something more manageable.

Do your research and watch videos online so you know what you’re doing.

Be consistent with your commands and don’t feel defeated if your dog doesn't get it right away.

This is an activity your kids can do every day, which teaches commitment.

For the youngest of siblings in a household, this is a great way to take control, be in charge of something and follow through.

Indoor activities #4 Groom Your Dog

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Don’t get nervous. I’m not talking about a full haircut and nail trimming. If your dog likes to be brushed and spoiled, today’s the day.

Here’s how it works:

If bathing your dog is realistic, get a bathing suit on with the kids, and hop in the tub.

One can be in charge of wetting your dog and the other, shampooing and rinsing.

Play with the soapy bubbles, be silly, and have a blast.

If your dog keeps trying to escape, put peanut butter on the tub wall and it will keep Fido busy.

After bathtime, enjoy the “zoomies” if your dog experiences those bizarre sudden bursts of energy.

Some dogs will allow you to dry them with a hair dryer, but if not, use towels.

After your dog has shaken off its wet hair all over you and your house, gently brush away while massaging the belly, ears, and any other place your dog loves.

Give lots of kisses and attention and enjoy your dog’s spa day as you know it will.

Indoor activities #5 Play With Toys Together

While it may seem like a simple activity, our busy lives can often hinder us from fully enjoying playful moments with our beloved pets. Let go of distractions and embrace the joy of playing with your pet. Whether it's a game of fetch, a fun tug-of-war, or a thrilling hide-and-seek, the bond you'll build during these moments will leave lasting memories for both you and your pet. So, put aside your hectic schedule, grab your pet's favorite toys, and let the laughter and playfulness start with another one of the indoor activities we suggest. 

Here’s how it works:

Gather your pet’s toys, including the faves and the ones that get ignored.

Choose from stuffed animals, chew toys, and ropes.

Put the electronics down and get down on the floor and enjoy.

Start with one at a time and either play fetch, tug-of-war, or hide-and-seek.

Get into the action, let loose, and be present with your dog and your kids.

Indoor activities # 6 Schedule a Puppy Playdate

Just like you would invite a friend over for your child, invite over a furry friend for your pet.

Here’s how it works:

Ensure the dog’s potty trained, good with kids if you have them, doesn’t shed, and is well behaved before you extend an invitation.

Make sure anything that may be breakable is removed as we know dog tails are powerful when wagging with excitement.

Always make sure your furry guest is up to date on all shots, especially if it’s a puppy.

Leave out a plethora of toys, let the dogs romp around, and get some socialization.

It’s best if the owner sticks around in case any problems arise, such as getting too ruff. (Sorry, I had to.)

Make sure there is a cold bottle of wine in the fridge so everyone gets to enjoy the playdate.

The list goes on and on because there’s always something to do with a dog in the house. Having a pet is never boring, and just like people, dogs crave attention, stimulation, and exercise – all achievable indoors. Embrace the excitement and joy of being a pet parent, especially when you have a cute puppy in the house. Add more dogs, and you have a party! Enjoy the countless activities and cherish precious moments with your furry best friend!