All the essentials for pets & their humans

Felicitails’ selection of high-quality pet products and useful animal services help support active lifestyles from early stages through senior ages.

Let’s work together to ensure our animals are thriving, stylish and right at our side.

I started Felicitails with one premise: to disrupt the pet industry through a modern platform that meets the needs of pet owners for high-quality food, function-forward designs, and a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to modernize all aspects of the pet landscape, from the product to the delivery experience.

Our pets are an extension of our family. They deserve a quality life right alongside us - everyday. I founded Felicitails to create a loving community around how to maximize the enjoyment of living with our faithful furry companions. My Team’s daily goal is to truly make a difference in families who cherish their animals as much as we do. Transparency in the foods eaten, treats chewed, toys tugged, accessories worn, and mental stimulation is what to expect while you are spending your time with us here at Felicitails.