Easy Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool & Happy on Summer Days

Written by: Loren Seldner



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As the temperature heats up, spending time outside with your pet is an excellent way to bond and stay active together.

But as it's harder for dogs than humans to regulate their body temperatures, as responsible pet parents we must find ways to keep our four-legged family members comfortable during summertime. In this article, we provide expert tips for grooming your canine companion when the temperature increases, so you can keep your dog cool and happy!

Making grooming easy to keep your dog cool

Each breed requires different grooming tools and techniques for their individual coat types. Dogs with double coats may benefit from using slicker brushes with wide-tooth combs; on the other hand, those with single coats may prefer pin brushes and combs instead. Therefore, choosing appropriate tools and methods that won't irritate your dog's skin is of utmost importance when grooming their coat type.


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Brushing can bring many advantages, from reducing shedding to keeping their double coat clean and improving circulation  with a slicker brush- but did you know it can also help your pup stay cool in summertime?

Brushing removes dead hair and mats that trap moisture and cause irritation for your pup's skin in humid environments. Furthermore, this practice provides the opportunity to detect any skin issues, infections or repulsive parasites such as fleas or ticks that might exist on his coat. How much time this takes depends on the breed and coat type. Golden Retrievers, Old English Sheepdogs, Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzus with double coats may require extra care due to the varied textures found under their undercoats.

But grooming larger dogs may not take any more time than grooming smaller breeds, as regular sessions will make the task faster and simpler without mats or tangles to worry about. And to make grooming fun for everyone involved, conditioning should also include providing your pup with positive reinforcement in the form of treats and cuddles!


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Even though not every dog enjoys getting his or her bath, keeping your pet clean and healthy should always be top of mind as a pet owner. Bathing too frequently can strip their coat of natural oils so it is essential that a schedule be set according to each dog's individual needs. Before bathing your dog, remove any loose dead hair by brushing thoroughly. For stubborn mats that persist, the easiest solution may be cutting them out first as brushing through matted fur is painful for both of you and may make grooming sessions anxiety-inducing for both of them.


Only use a quality shampoo that's formulated with natural ingredients, designed specifically for dogs' skin- my favorite is the  Aloe and Lemongrass shampoo by FourLegger. Even gentle human shampoos could potentially cause irritations and allergies that make your beloved companion even more uncomfortable in the heat and humidity of summer. When bathing your dog, start from their neck down in order to avoid soap entering their eyes, ears, or mouth. Use cotton balls soaked in dry cotton wash loosely placed at the top of their ear canal so water won't get inside them and use an ear cleaning solution before and after their bath to avoid potential infections.


Most importantly, even if your pup has had enough and is struggling to shake loose - continue rinsing until all soap residue has been completely rinsed away before standing back and watching her shake it all off!

Cutting Your Dog's Hair

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Dogs with long or thick fur may struggle to regulate their body temperature in the heat of summer without assistance from outside. Since coats act as an insulator for an extra layer of insulation against sunburn and heat stroke risks, it is crucial not to cut it all the way off - doing so would expose them more than ever to sunburn and heat stroke risks.

If you decide to give your dog a trim, invest in professional clippers or scissors When trimming their feet, face and tail areas use just the tips to avoid accidentally nipping at them when they suddenly move - be sure to keep the metal cool as this may prevent accidental nipping! Leave at least an inch of long hair so the clippers can remain cool; alternatively, seek assistance from professional groomers or watch online video tutorials for assistance.

Should You Shave or Not?

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Many pet parents think shaving their pup is necessary in order to keep them cool in summer months, but doing so may actually expose your canine to harm. Before making this drastic step, please read this article: The Truth About Hot Dogs: Should You Shave Your Dog's Coat in Summer? before making the final decision for your canine companion.

Clipping Dog Nails

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Nail trimming is an integral component of grooming your pup, especially during hotter seasons when longer walks could wear down nails naturally over time. Indulge your pup with a professional pawdicure!

Not all dogs accept having their feet handled, but selecting the appropriate tools can make the task simpler for both of you. Acclimatizing your pup to seeing and hearing about its use may also prove useful.

As most dogs have black nails, it can be challenging to locate their quick from above the nail bed. So it is best to cut small bits until a solid black dot appears at the tip; at that point stop because you have reached it; any further attempts could result in bleeding which would be painful for your pup. When cutting white nails it may be easier as pink dots indicate when you have reached it; once this point has been reached it should be considered reached and stop being cut further.

If your pup shows signs of anxiety while you're clipping, such as panting or trying to lick their paws during clipping, take immediate steps to end this session - both you and they need a break! Don't allow nail clipping to become an anxious situation for either of you; many pet parents address it by taking their pup for grooming services or veterinarian visits instead.

Protect Those Paws to Keep Your Dog Cool

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Did you know that walking on hot concrete sidewalks or playing in hot sand can actually damage a canine's delicate paw pads and lead to painful, dry, cracked pads? To prevent this from happening, avoid walking or playing outside during peak heat hours.


People typically don't give much thought to how it feels to walk on hot surfaces, but when temperatures soar it is worth asking: could I take off my shoes and walk barefoot without burning my soles? Your dog cannot tell you if something hurts but there could be good reason why they no longer want to come outside for exercise or playtime.


Therefore, whenever possible, try and schedule early morning walks before the earth or sand has had the chance to heat up, and consider providing regular pawdicures using natural wax to soothe their cracked pads! Additionally, give them regular baths in a natural shampoo to protect their poor little paw beans!

In Conclusion

Grooming your dog regularly throughout the summer season is essential to helping him or her feel at ease in the warmer temperatures, as regular brushing and bathing techniques will keep their temperature down while strengthening your bond with their furry family member! Keep your dog cool and enjoy this season together!

Stay Pawsitive!